Duck Hunting Accident Ends with 72 Pellets Lodged in Young Man’s Back

Accidents happen, but this Arkansas duck hunter will never forget this one.

Most hunters always try to use safety measures and precautions, but sometimes bad things just happen. This story involves real people, real pain and real consequences, so there’s no need to call anyone out.

While duck hunting in Arkansas, a group of hunters heard an unexpected gun shot, and this young hunter was unfortunately in the line of fire.

hunting accident

JT eventually went to the hospital where physicians began to providing the proper cleaning and care to his shoulder area. Doctors counted a staggering 72 pellets in his back and shoulder which would then call for surgery.

The first round of surgery was a success, as they were able to remove 28 pellets. The next day, doctors went back in for a second surgery and were able to remove another eight.

If you’re keeping count, that’s a total of 36 pellets, which leaves 36 more. But, for medical purposes, the other 36 pellets will stay in his body forever. Talk about having a story for the ladies with that one!

Shockingly enough, he has a wound vac and the doctors don’t think he’ll need a skin graft. They also don’t expect very much muscle damage due to the trajectory of the shot. All things considered, it’s safe to say he was to lucky to sneak away from this one the way he did. The first photo below is of the wound after doctors cleaned it, and the second is after they installed the wound vac.

hunting accident

hunting accident

Stuff like this can happen oh so easily. The moral of this story is to ALWAYS have the safety on if you’re not shooting, even when the gun isn’t in someone’s possession. Of course we all know these rules, but we need to emphasize them to avoid things like this from happening.

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