These Miracle Berries Grow In Only One Place On The Planet And They Can Kill Cancer Cells In Minutes

The results from a study by a medical research institute indicate that an element found inside blushwood berries can kill cancerous cells in skin melanomas! The blushwood tree is the source of the blushwood berry. But, the blushwood tree can only be found growing in Far North Queensland, which is in the Australian Rainforest.

blushwood berries

The compound has no apparent side effects and will begin destroying cancer cells in five minutes! Within just a few days, the entire cancerous melanoma and neck tumors were gone!

The report indicates that the compound in the blushwood berries has a success rate of 75% in destroying cancer in horses, dogs, and cats.

blushwood berries

Dr. Glen Boyle from the QIMR Berghofer medical research institute in Brisbane led the team. Dr. Boyle says the fruit could be a used for battling several surface cancers! The drug derived from the berries is EBC-46, and it was tested on animals that were deemed to have untreatable disease and were set to be euthanized.

blushwood berries

While the results seen with the animals are exciting and promising, Dr. Boyle says the drug can only be used for tumors where it can be injected directly, not for metastatic cancer.

But, the drug does show promise when used in conjunction with chemotherapy and surgery. Hopefully, the drug will be used in clinical trials with humans soon.


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